Friday, January 3, 2014

Favorite Instagram Pictures of 2013

Much as I love talking about food on here, I really do have a life outside of it.  I promise.

Photography is another passion of mine.  A huge passion.  I wish I could spend more time with it.

(What the heck am I doing that's keeping me from doing that?  I need to figure this out.)

We got a pretty big snowstorm here in the NE overnight and I'm actually planning on going outside with my kiddo later today and maybe get her down to the park and take some wintry pics of her.

But in the meantime.  I really love Instagram.  I love it way more than Facebook.  I think I might use it more than Facebook.  If more of my friends were on it, I'd be happy to ditch Facebook altogether in favor of Instagram.

(Wanna follow me?  Here's my profile.)

So I was scrolling through my pictures the other day, as I often do, to look back on things that have happened recently and not so recently.  There are a handful of pictures I always linger on, so I decided to post them here as my favorite pictures of 2013 from my Instagram feed.  Enjoy!

Snuggling with daddy.

Distrito with our favorite foodie friends.

Watching KU play at Xfinity Live before going to the playoffs

Created by my bestie Cara - still can't stop laughing at this.


Morgan Lewis night at the zoo

So much cute in one picture, I can't stand it.

Making fajitas with Danielle.

Finally arriving at the "big hotel" after a verrrry long drive!

Family vacation!

Ahhh.  The beach.

A girl and her pop-pop.

Me and the dozing flower girl.

The McGowan Women!  I have a new sister!

Burning stuff in Indiana.

Cousin love.

Hawaiian sunrises.

Not blowing it on vacation!

So cute.

Maraea by the window light.

More cute.


Here's to 2014...

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