Sunday, January 26, 2014


It's Sunday night and you know what I'm doing?

Laying on the couch, feeling sick to my stomach, because I consumed too much grains and sugar this weekend. 

Dairy doesn't bother me at all. But grains and sugar? The way I feel now is enough to keep me Paleo/Primal for the rest of my life. 

Lesson learned, my friends. I changed my diet and lifestyle and trying to go back to how I was before just isn't worth it. My system can't handle it. 

I must consider my cheats more carefully.

And let me just compare, for a moment here.

A couple weeks ago we went out to dinner with friends.  I ate a ton of food.  I left the restaurant feeling stuffed.  I ate: some goat cheese; a salad with bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese, and blue cheese dressing; a steak with a red wine sauce and some boursin-mashed potatoes; and half of a slice of a flourless chocolate torte.  No grains, but a minimal amount of sugar, were consumed.

Did I feel sick to my stomach after all that food?  No.  Did I wake up the next morning not wanting to eat?  No.

Yesterday, I ate: a cheeseburger and some ice cream.  I was full for THE REST of the day.  I didn't want dinner.

Today, I ate: a buffalo chicken wrap and some caramel cake.  I'm stuffed.  And I'm sick.  I don't even want to think about food, except that I'm craving something green and fresh.  Like I want a plate full of broccoli and a salad and a huge glass of water right now.

What's the difference between the first meal and the second and third meal?  Grains.

I'm really starting to get it now... 

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