Sunday, March 31, 2013

Plank-A-Day April!


Welcome, April.  Month four of my year-long project of monthly mini-resolutions.

Yoga-A-Day March didn't work out so well for me.  I started strong but didn't end that way.  I can see the value in yoga; however I think I really need to attend a class to stay interested in it.  I'm too rushed.  Which is probably all the more reason why I NEED it in my life.  But I do feel that rowing burns more energy off and that's what I need to process all the things going on right now.  So rowing: sticking with it.  Yoga: revisiting it later.

For April, my plans are two-fold.  First, I want to do a plank a day.  Right now my easy-to-do plank time is just over a minute.  I want to beat 2 minutes by the end of April.  Probably pretty easy as long as I improve by a second or two each day.  Maybe I'll even surprise myself and get to 3 minutes.  :)

The second thing I want to do is eliminate smoothies from my diet.  I really enjoy them, but I've been wondering why I haven't been able to shed more of my belly fat.  It's just resistant in ways that it hasn't been before.  Knowing that sugar turns into fat, I looked up the sugar content of my smoothies, and found that they are more than twice the amount of sugar I should be consuming in a day.  YOW.  Bye bye smoothies.  Even though I make them with healthy ingredients - frozen fruit, 100% orange juice, and fat-free yogurt - there must be just too much sugar in them.  So, back to cereal and almond milk.  Fruit only in its raw form and lots of veggies for lunch.

Sorry new blender, time for a little rest.

I think my new juicer will be taking its place on the counter sometime soon.

Who's planking with me every day, hmm?  Let me know and let's progress together!


  1. Cristin! I made a sweetish juice recently and thought of you. It had beets, apples, carrots and ginger. It wasn't nearly as vegetable-y as a green juice. You should try it, just go easy on the beets.

    Also, for breakfast I have been having "overnight oats." I really like it, and I can just grab the tupperware and eat it on the go. Just a suggestion if you get bored of the almond milk and cereal :) There are a ton of different recipes online!

  2. I think I saw a recipe like that in my juice book! I'm just going to give them a try, maybe I will like it, you never know!

    My friend raves about overnight oats. I've also seen a bunch of recipes that use the crockpot overnight too! Right now I switched to unsweetened almond milk and I really do like cereal. I've also been thinking I should really start eating eggs for breakfast!