Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Update

Hey, guess what.  You know those Oreos I mentioned in this post?

They're gone, as of tonight.

Hey, guess what else.

I only ate, in total over the past several weeks, not even a full row's worth of them.  :)  My husband actually ate a whole package all by himself, and started into the second package.  I got a hold of them a couple weeks ago and had a few, and I just finished the last five.

This week has been bad though.  I've been a bad, bad girl.  I've been careless with a delicate man....  Oh, my bad.  This isn't a Fiona Apple track?  Ooops.

Anyway.  I've been bad.  It started last week when I went to Seattle.  I went to visit one of my best friends to celebrate our birthdays (hers is the 9th, mine is the 11th).  The night before I flew out there, I washed my hair and piled it on top of my head in a towel to dry a little.  As per my usual routine, I bent over to unwrap the towel, and jerked my head and hair back upwards and tweaked something in my right shoulder.  This shoulder has been my problem shoulder for about a year now, since I hurt it in rowing.  It was something between my neck and shoulder and I had a hard time turning my head and everything.  Therefore, I skipped yoga the next day.  It probably would have felt better had I done it, but I was in some serious pain.

The next day, Thursday, I flew to Seattle.  On a plane, 6 hours straight, 3 hours back in time, landed and ate dinner and got back to my friend's house and seriously crashed.  Friday, I did do my yoga.  My shoulder did feel better.  Friday I also shot a bunch of guns!  Saturday I skipped yoga though because we were late getting out of the house for our hike (or, what we right-coasters would call 'mountain climbing'), and figured eh no big deal, I'm going to burn like 10,000,000,000 calories doing that anyway.

Sunday.... ouch.  Sunday hurt.  Who knew mountain climbing was so tough?  Pfft.  Again, yoga probably would have helped me, but I skipped it.  Also skipped it Monday, as I was out of the house before dawn for my flight home; home by dinner time; and exhausted.

Then I only rowed one day this week, and daylight savings time, and I've been exhausted, and eating poorly, and just.... ugh.  What a sucky health week.

But hey, I think we can all get off track once in a while, eh?  This week though, I'm back on track.  I've got a healthy menu on tap this week, I've got bucket-o-lettuce lunches on tap, tons of fruit, and I'm rowing three times this week.  And doing yoga every morning.  Getting up at 5 and just friggin' doing it for Pete's sake.  I'm gonna finish this month strong!!

School is back in session.  But it's my last two classes.  Last.  Two.  Classes.  Wish I could say it flew by but uh, it totally didn't.  Please, nobody let me go back for my Master's, mmk?  I am REALLY looking forward to not having anything pressing to do on the weekends.  I am actually longing for the weekends where all I have to do is chores and errands.  Ah, what a relief.

Stay tuned for pictures from Seattle.  Included: my goofy post-gunshot face, my ecstatic mountain-summiting face, and my pissed off mountain-summiting face.

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