Friday, March 1, 2013

Bye-Bye Candy-Free February; Hellloooooo Yoga-A-Day March!

I have a lot of things going on right now.

I'm going to Seattle in a week.
My birthday is next weekend.
Lots of family birthdays this month, actually.
I'm heading into the last semester of school in 10 days.
Work is absolutely ridiculously infuriating.

But today.... none of that matters.

Do you know why?

Because today.....


Candy-Free February was THE WORST.  It was really really tough.  So today, and especially today since I'm going rowing and have about 700-800 extra calories to burn, I am going to HAVE SOME CANDY.  Last weekend at the store I picked up some Rolos and Reese's PB Cups.  And I've been staring at them all week.  And I'm going to tear into them momentarily.

Yes, for breakfast.  Shut up.

But guess what else I'm excited about, folks.  Today starts Yoga-A-Day March.  I am very excited about this because though I row several times a week, and it burns tons of calories, I feel as though it bulks me up and makes me look kind of like a quarterback.  My arms and shoulders are large -- muscular, but large.  My thighs are hefty.  But muscular.  So what I'm hoping is that practicing yoga will help to slenderize me.  Several of my friends have done yoga and have raved about it, so I am very excited.

I did a little bit of research to find a manageable routine that I could do daily.  If you'd like to follow along with me, you can find them below.  I also found a routine that specifically targets abdominals, because I need to get this pooch off of my body.  It's been 3 years since I had a baby, I don't think I can legitimately use that as an excuse anymore.  Maybe by the end of the month, I will be leaner!  If not, maybe I will at least be calmer.  And happier.

Who knows what this month could bring?

March is my favorite month.  It's my birthday month.  Plus it's also the month when I know for sure winter is over and spring is on its way.  Maybe this March will be a March of new beginnings for me in more ways than one.

Enough with the ambiguous philosophical talk, Cristin.  On with the yoga routine.

Okay, so here it is.

First:  I found this routine on Pinterest (where I find about 99% of things I want to do / see / remember / read / eat / etc these days).  This routine specifically targets "back bulge", though in the first picture the girl is grabbing what I would think are her love handles.  Regardless, when I started rowing I had 2 rolls on my back and since I lost my first round of weight, I'm now down to 1 roll.  The one I find is pretty gosh darn stubborn.  So, I will be doing this routine daily:  Yoga Poses to Get Rid of Back Bulge.

Second:  I found this routine last night while looking for yoga routines that target abdominals.  I'm unsure yet if I'll be doing both routines daily, or if I'll start by doing one routine one day and the other routine the next.  I think I can build to doing both routines in one day pretty easily, but yoga seems to require grace, which I have damn near none of, so I am thinking it might be a good idea to start with one and incorporate the other. Besides, this routine looks like it's going to kill my stomach.  Which will eventually be a good thing.  Here:  Yoga for Flat Abs.

I figured both routines could take me about 30-45 minutes.  This is pretty manageable.  I'm not sure yet if I'll do them in the morning or the evening, I suppose I will have to find out as I make my way through the month.  But for now, I'm going to go start, because I have to sign in to work in about a half hour.  Wish me luck!  I hope you follow along with me this month.  Let's get lean together!


UPDATE:  I just finished a 30 minute yoga routine (I did both routines today, whew!) in my freezing cold basement, and holy crap.  Yoga makes you SWEAT.

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