Friday, February 22, 2013

The Home Stretch

This has been a big week for me.

I wrapped up all the work I had for my three classes early, which gave me just under 3 weeks off till I start my LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE.  Next semester I have one class, plus my capstone "class" in which I really just have to tidy up a final project for another class and present to the IT faculty and boardmembers at school before I graduate.  In June.  I am graduating.  In June. 

I really must be in shock because there was a time when I thought that when I reached this point in time, I'd feel such a sense of relief and so carefree that this extremely tough semester was behind me and I have just a few weeks left.  But that sense of relief escapes me for the moment.  It's like I know I'm heading down the home stretch, but it hasn't hit me yet.  After early May, I will be class-free, project-free, homework-free, paper-writing-free, discussion-board-free.... School has been such a timesuck in my life for the past two years, I really can't imagine life without it.

But don't worry.  I won't be enrolling into a Master's program come fall, mark my words.  I fully intend on reaping the benefits of my BS degree and relaxing.  I can't wait to read a book for fun.  I can't wait to wake up on a Sunday morning and not tick off in my head all the things I have to do to finish my schoolwork and turn it in by midnight.

I'm really proud of myself.  And I can't even put into words how excited I am that my daughter will get to watch me graduate.  I know she's really young, and maybe she won't remember it, but having her there means everything to me.

:::switching topics:::

Know what other home stretch I'm heading down?  The Candy-Free February home stretch.  This month was way tougher than last, folks.  I don't even miss soda.  I may have had maybe one soda a week this month.  If that.  I can count 3 all month.  I'm just not interested anymore.  I even had water with my lunch and my dinner tonight.

But Skittles?  And Reese's PB Cups?  I miss those stinkers.  I miss 'em a lot.  I miss 'em so much I'm debating having them for breakfast on March 1st.

Just kidding.  Not really.  Ok I am.  No, I'm really not.

But the past two months have taught me something.  I mentioned last time that I just need to practice more discipline.  I will probably let candy back into my life but I will really need to discipline myself.  Thanks to My Fitness Pal, I think this should be easy enough.  I'm back counting my calories again and I've been rowing the past 3 weeks and I'm already feeling great.  I signed up for a monthly rowing package tonight so I'm super committed at this point.  Next week I will go 3x a week to step up my game.

As for my March resolution, I think I'm done with self-punishment for a while and denying myself something I love is just not in the cards for next month.  Instead, I'm adding some activity to my workout regimen.  March is going to be Yoga-A-Day March.  I did some research and found a few specific moves that target an area on my body I want to focus on, and the plan is to do those moves every day, at some point.  It's a short routine, maybe 20-30 minutes.

And thinking ahead to April... running a 5k was one of my goals for this year.  I read a little bit about the Couch to 5k workout plan and I think I'm going to start this in April.  It's a 3x a week workout.  So I can row 3x a week, and do the C25K thing 3x a week, and have one rest day.  With any luck, yoga will become a habit and I can do that as well (see how I'm filling up my time now that school is winding down?  Aaron has always said that I always have to be "doing something", that I can never just sit around and relax).... and by June, by graduation, I should be sa-lammin'.  Well that's the idea anyway.  :)

Past that, I haven't thought any more about my resolutions.  I like focusing on my health though so I'm sure I can come up with more things that fall in that category.

Not that anybody reads this, but I realize I haven't posted any pictures in a while.  This IS a blog about photography too, so I will try and take care of that really soon.

Happy weekend, everyone.  I'm just gonna go fall into bed and pass out for now.

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