Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Official DX

Well I saw the doctor today because my right knee has been getting progressively worse.

The official diagnosis?  Severe patellar tendinitis in both knees, and a torn MCL in my right knee.

Two runs!  Two workouts into the Couch to 5k series and I'm sidelined for at least 2 weeks.

Doc ordered a strong anti-inflammatory for me, icing every single night, stretching as much as I can tolerate without getting nauseous, and no exercise for at least 2 weeks.  He said I should not even consider going back to rowing until I can walk up and down the stairs with no pain at all.  Also, I'm not running, jogging, or anything again.  Running is not worth it to me to lose out on all the exercise I could be doing.

Also, I'm embarrassed to even admit this, but they weighed me and I'm almost as heavy as I was when I was 8 months pregnant.  I'm completely crushed by this.  But I have hopes that this will change soon now that I'm off my antidepressant, given that I've already felt and noticed a change in my weight since being off of it.

I really hope it gets better soon though.  I don't know anyone else who works out fairly regularly and GAINS weight instead of, at the very least, maintaining their weight.  I'm seriously starting to lose steam and hope.

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