Friday, May 24, 2013

(The Last) Couch to 5k May Update

It is actually with a sad heart that I write this.  I have to give up on Couch to 5k May.

My knees can not handle the running.

My last post discussed how I didn't feel so bad after running... that was Monday night, and as I sit here on Friday night, my knees are in so much pain (from that ONE run) that I'm now having a hard time going up and down the steps, and walking in general.  I rowed the day after running, and felt fine while rowing, but while doing other exercises like lunges and squats, I was in a lot of pain.  I could get nowhere near a 90-degree bend in my knees without pain.  Wednesday I decided I needed a rest day due to the pain, and on Thursday I had to skip rowing because my knees still hurt.  My knees are clicking when I walk, and they just hurt so bad.  I'm not going to push it any further.

I made this decision primarily because if running is going to cause me to miss out on working out otherwise during the week, I want no part of it.  I missed out on three workouts this week because of the pain I'm dealing with from a single run.  So, sorry knees.  Sorry I tested you and put you through this.  I promise not to do it again.  :(

With that said though - I'm not giving up on my goal to do a 5k.  I could always walk it.  Walking actually - surprisingly - doesn't bother me at all.  Another decision I made this week is that I'm going to give up my membership to RowZone.  This makes me sad :( but, I now have access to a free gym, with free fitness classes, through my new job.  They have decent rowing machines, treadmills, EFX machines, weights, kettle bells... basically anything and everything I would use at RowZone, PLUS some.  PLUSSSS I can take yoga once a week.  For FREE.  I mean, it's dumb to pay an $80/month gym membership when I could go whenever I want to a more equipped gym for free.

My husband will be stoked to read that.  This is a test to see if he reads this entry.  :)  Now he'll get to join an MMA gym like he's been wanting to.  What a good wifey I am, eh?

Also, I decided (I sure have made a lot of decisions this week huh?) that June is going to be my last "health"-focused goal month.  While focusing on my health has been great, it's also been kind of stressful.  I've been stressing a lot over what I eat and I feel that this just makes me overeat at times.  I need to stop caring so much about what I eat.  So, starting in July I'm going to focus on other goals.  Like, now that school is over, I want to read some books for fun.  I want to focus on my photography and do some photo shoots (ANYONE WANT A PHOTO SHOOT?  CONTACT ME.  I DO FREE PHOTO SHOOTS.).  I want to try some new recipes.  I want to start my Scott Family Table cookbook.  There are other things I want to do this year other than focus on my health.  Besides, doing things I find enjoyment in will contribute to my mental health.  :)

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