Monday, May 20, 2013

Couch to 5k Update

Well today was my second run of the Couch to 5k training series.  I know, I know, almost a week later - but I needed to rest my knees.  Two days after my first run, I went rowing, and my legs were so exhausted after that I could barely walk the next day, let alone run.  Maybe I should have pushed through it.

Today went okay though.  It's about 4 hours later now and my knees don't hurt as bad as they did last time.  But this time, my legs and knees hurt more during the workout than last time.  I am thinking this might be pointing to me needing the right shoes.  My right knee hurt more than my left, which is predictable, my right knee has always been my worse knee.  But my right shin hurt also.

I might do the week 1 workout for 2 weeks.  See, here's my problem - lungs-wise, endurance-wise, I am making this just fine, it's not a struggle for me at all.  It's my legs that are working against me and making me want to stop.

Tomorrow I am rowing.  Wednesday I run again, then Thursday I row again, and Friday I run again.  At the end of this week I'll make a decision about buying new sneakers or not.  I got some good advice from a great friend of mine this weekend about running shoes so I've got my eye on them - and their cost.  Sheesh.

I haven't abandoned my planks either.  I did one after my run today and I held out till 2m 33s.  My best time yet!

I have also been trying to figure out what my monthly resolution should be for June, and I think I'm going to make it a juicing month.  I am pretty sure I can't commit to a daily juice - though maybe I can, I have to take my juicer out of the box and see how many parts it is and how difficult it will be to clean every single day.  I am thinking every few days though is do-able.  Last week I tried a new juice bar near my work and picked up a freshly prepared juice made with orange, carrot, and pineapple.  I hate carrot - but it was surprisingly delicious.  So now I'm pumped to finally try my juicer.  I have tons of recipes picked out.  I think trying to do 3 a week would be reasonable on both my wallet and my time constraints.

Anyone have any advice or good recipes for juicing?  Let me know!

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