Monday, June 3, 2013

Blog Post #50 & My Busy Juicy June

It's my 50th blog post!

I feel like I should celebrate.  Like I'm an old lady blogger or something.  But I guess 50 is not really that many blog posts.

So as much as I blasted doctors and prescriptions a couple weeks ago - I went and saw my doc about my knee pain and he prescribed me a very strong NSAID which was basically a miracle drug.  I took one dose and by the next morning I had greater range of movement than I was able to get in the week prior, and I could make it up and down the stairs with almost no pain.  A few days later I went for a 2.5 mile walk with my friend and was fine.  Go figure.

Hm, what else is going on?  Oh, well it's Juicy June.  I prepped all my produce for the week's AM juices and plan on drinking vegetable juices in the evening.  Not every single day - just a few days a week.  Next month I'm going to start choosing goals that aren't so focused on my health.  I'm going to continue to focus on my health, but not as a monthly goal.

Oh!  Guess what.  By this time next week I will officially be a graduate.  My dearly beloved sister wives are coming to town on Saturday and staying till Tuesday.  I wish they could stay all week.  But they are not just mine.  Graduation party at the best restaurant ever - Distrito! - on Sunday.  I'm so excited for this week to be over!

Then at the end of June, Aaron and I will celebrate 15 years together.  Fifteen years.  Sometimes I really can't believe it.  To celebrate we're going to Baltimore for a few days for some gluttony.  Specifically, day drinking on the harbor.  And maybe some horseback riding.

Before I know it, June will be over and it will be on to July.  I hope summer doesn't go too fast.  I have so many things I want to do with Maraea.  I really want to take her to DC so we can take her to the Smithsonian museums and she can see the dinosaurs.  She friggin loves dinosaurs.  And I love DC.  I also want to take her to OCMD for a weekend.  And go hiking.  And all kinds of good stuff.  She is at such a fun age right now.  When she's not sassing me, anyways.

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