Saturday, March 10, 2012

52 Project Fail

So my 52 Weeks of Maraea Project is quickly coming to a failing halt.  I'm not a bad mother -- I'm a busy mother.  School, work, and motherhood eat up all of my time.  Trust me, I wish I had nothing better to do than lay around my house with my daughter and snap pictures of her all day long.  My life just doesn't allow for it right now.  Sadly.  So, I think at the end of this year, I'm just going to take all of my favorite pictures of her and put them in a book in chronological order.  (Previously the idea had been to take my one favorite photo per week and put it into a book but really.  Who can pick just ONE favorite photo of the most beautiful little girl in the world?)  I'm just going to make a conscious effort to keep using my cameras, as I have been, and take lots of pictures of her.

Another reason this project would have gotten held up is the processing time of a professional film developer.  My black and white film has to get sent off to an out-of-state lab to be developed, and takes about 2 weeks.  Color film is developed in-house at my developer but they only run certain processing types per day, and could take up to a week.  I've been really happy with the results though, even though it's time-consuming and costly ($25 for my most recent roll of black and white to be developed + 4x6 in prints + CD).

I just got my first roll of black and white back and I am STUNNED at the results.  I've never seen developed black and white film turn out this crisp and -- well -- black and white.  They are beautiful.  And so is my daughter.  :)

The color roll turned out pretty well too.  If I just had a still subject, and prettier scenery, these would have been fantastic.

Oh, spring.  Please hurry with your green return.

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