Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 2 / 52 of Maraea

Keeping with my resolution to better my photography this year, I invested in some good film (aka, not any film that you can buy at your corner CVS) and took it to a good developer (aka, not any developer that you would find at your corner CVS), and the results were pretty pleasing.  The problem I continue to encounter with photographing my child is that she just  Like, HOLD STILL FOR ONE SECOND PLEASE SO MY SHUTTER CAN GO OFF.  I was really pleased with the color saturation and cripsness of the pictures that came from my roll of Provia 400x, noting of course that the pictures would be even crisper had I had a still subject.


It was a contest for week 2.  I couldn't decide between 3 pictures.  Despite input from those whose taste I trust the most, I decided to go with the one that kept calling to me.  That's this one:

I know that in the world of photography, technically, this picture is not all that great.  But sometimes I really like the way an overexposed background makes a foreground subject look.  Maraea looks kind of misty here.  I'm not justifying a bad photograph, but I do like the look of this.  It kind of makes me think of other video and photographic images I've seen.

Stay tuned for Week 3!

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