Saturday, February 1, 2014

Planning for a Whole 30

I know I just posted yesterday, but I'm really inspired by my Paleo results and have been re-motivated and I'm thinking about doing a Whole 30 soon.  Like probably in April.

How is a Whole 30 different from Paleo?  It's basically the strictest form of Paleo possible.  The foundations stay the same - no grains, no sugar, no dairy, no legumes - but, it's a little more strict on the "no sugar" part.  No maple syrup, no honey, no agave nectar, etc.  Now, I had my fair share of pancakes and waffles covered in maple syrup last month, and some assorted baked goods with some honey in them.  But I don't think it should be too tough to cut out that small amount of sugar for a whole month.

Also, when you do a Whole 30, they say you should avoid Paleo-fied versions of non-compliant foods - so that means my pancakes and waffles are out for breakfast.  Which puts me back into a breakfast conundrum for a month.

Of course I could just eat poached eggs with my smoky sweet potato hash every morning for breakfast.  I could, but I don't know that I'd want to.  I could do all-fruit smoothies, but I would need some kind of protein or fat to get me through till lunch.  I will figure something out.

Lunch and dinner won't be a problem.  I can pretty much just keep eating what I've been eating.  I might start to experiment with some salad dressings in the next couple of months to have some rabbit food variety when I do the Whole 30.

So that's the next big thing I'm planning and I'm so excited.  The only thing is - can I go a whole month without cheating?  I learned a lot of lessons last month doing Paleo.  And I think I can apply them to my Whole 30 month and be more successful.

Monday I go back to the gym.  THAT'S IT, IT'S FINAL, IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.  I even bought new Asics that are dying to be worn.  I miss the gym.  A lot.  I need to get back on track.  Plus maybe it will help boost my weight loss some more.  :)  That's the plan anyway.

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