Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Like almost everybody else in the world, I'm terrible at sticking to New Year's Resolutions.  And I realized it might be mostly because I have to stick to something for an entire year.  So what if for 2013, I tried something different, like, a resolution for each month?

The first one that came to mind was a Juice-and-Soda-Free January.  This is because my awesomely amazing and fantastic husband got me a badass new blender for Christmas, and I have been a smoothie-making machine for the past few days.  I've already got a method down with proper amounts and everything so that it fits perfectly in my new to-go cup.  Breakfast on the go!  I love it!  No more sugary breakfast cereals (well, maybe no more...).  I don't drink a ton of soda or juice to begin with, but my problem is that I don't drink enough of anything, really.  It's not like I'm in love with water either.  So maybe for January I won't drink ANY soda... and only drink juice if it's in my smoothie (packed with fresh or frozen organic fruit and fat-free yogurt too... OJ makes a great smoothie thinner).  And drink more water.  ha!

Then since I was kind of digging the whole alliteration of a Juice-and-Soda-Free January, I thought hmm, Fast Food-Free February?  Now that I think I can accomplish pretty easily too.  I've been bringing my lunches to work recently just to save money and hadn't even thought about Taco Bell for weeks, when someone mentioned it to me at work as a lunch option and it was like opening the floodgates.  I think I had Taco Bell 3 times in 10 days after that.  And honestly, each time, I was like, this is kinda gross, but it's SOGOOD, I'm just gonna eat it.  I shouldn't have eaten it.  So yeah, I think a Fast Food-Free February is in order.

March..... hmm.  I have to be careful with this one, because March is not only my birthday month, but a big birthday month for my family in general.  There's usually some big celebrations around food.  Well, you know, lately I have been eating a lot of chocolate at work.  I have the biggest sweet tooth lately.  Maybe I will make March Milk Chocolate-Free.  That should curb my candy addiction.

And that's about as far as I've thought.  But I think this is what I'll do.  Try to focus on my diet and keeping it healthier by going without something for a month.  And I don't think it will all be food-related, because there are some things that I want to start doing MORE of and will do so as part of my resolutions.

Last year I wrote in this blog about how I want to do more photography.  I still want to do more with it.  I did some photoshoots last year that I am really proud of, and I want to keep doing that.  Photography fills a big part of my creative drive and satisfies me like nothing else.  Here are some of my proudest shots from those shoots:

In 6 months I will finally finally FINALLY graduate school.  F I N A L L Y.  The immensity of the amount of free time I get back after I graduate is immeasurable.  I can not wait to just have my life back and do NOTHING on the weekends if I want to.... The next 8 weeks are going to be my toughest, because I will be taking 3 full time classes (while also working full time), and up until now I've only taken 2 classes at a time.  So one extra class has me kind of worried, but -- I just have to pass.  All I have to do is pass.  Then in March I start my last two classes, one of which is my capstone class, and I will be working on a final project.  I can't believe I'm so close to the end already.  It's amazing to me.  It did fly by, like everyone said it would, and now it's so close I can taste it.  By summer I will have my life back and I will have a degree that establishes a salary baseline for me no matter where I want to work.  I will be free to go anywhere I want.

2013 is my year of freedom!

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