Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No. I am not ready for this.

Oh boy. 

You know, I really don't like being a quitter. I really don't like admitting failure. I like this blog because it helps to keep me accountable - but I also don't like this blog because it helps keep me accountable. 

I'm not ready for a Whole 30. I'm just not. 

I'm in a bad place with food at the moment. I am really hating eating healthy these days. I am so bored of it. Mostly I am bored with vegetables and roasting them or sautéing them. I am not sick of my proteins at all, thankfully. But everything I put on the plate with them? I could care less about it. 

I have also been eating off plan a bit lately. I'm still losing weight (I have finally crested the 20lb mark), but the lingering temptation of sugar and carbs haunts me for days after even the slightest cheat. And the cheats happen because I'll be in the car thinking about what I'm eating for dinner later and I just can't stand the thought of staring into another plate of chicken and green beans. 

So I am less than thrilled about restricting my diet even further for a whole month. 

I've been talking through this problem all day with my friend - who's on an even more restrictive diet than a Whole 30 - and she suggested I take a week off. She's not suggesting that I spend that week cheating like crazy and turning into a monster of gluttony - she simply suggested I let myself have some of the things I feel deprived of, in moderation, within reason. After a week I will most certainly start to feel like crap again (it is truly amazing how fast that happens when you are grain-free for the most part), and I will be eager to start a Whole 30. 

I think she's exactly right. I think it's a brilliant idea. And I know I can do it without gaining a ton of weight, too. I will just relax my restrictions a little for a week and start my Whole 30 the next week. I am confident that I will feel better about it then. 

Now I'm a little more jazzed about next week. :) Oh, to enjoy food again.... !

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