Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ghost Hunting in Indiana

In early October I took my first solo road trip to Oxford, Indiana, to visit my dear friend Courtnee.  We both share a love for graveyards and cemeteries, and during that weekend we actually visited two together.

The first one, we were visiting pure for the hauntedness factor.  She had heard many stories about certain graves and how they are haunted by children and sometimes you can hear them laugh or cry or something similarly spooky.  We thought we'd check it out one night as the sun was setting.  This cemetery was set up on this huge hill in the middle of an intersection.  Or really, the roads just kind of went around the cemetery, I guess.  While we were there, we had several weird experiences.

The one that stands out most clearly in my mind is this one:  I was taking some pictures with my camera when I felt strands of hair entwined in my right hand.  I thought it was my own hair blowing into my face, but when I brought my camera away from my face, the hair that was entwined in my hand was too blonde to be mine.  And, I hadn't felt any of my hair pull out of my head.  So that gave me the shivers.  If it wasn't mine, where did it come from?  Up on this hill way above road level, with nobody else around?  Gives me goosebumps even now as I'm typing this.  But then, a few minutes later, Courtnee had the same exact thing happen to her.  Her hair is even darker than mine.  It definitely wasn't HER hair.  I probably could have brushed the hair on my own hand off as just a weird random experience in a cemetery, but it happened to her too.  We wondered how the heck strands of blonde hair would have managed to float their way up that hill on the wind, only to find themselves entwined right smack in our hands.  Courtnee suggested that maybe somebody had brushed their hair.... but... where?  And who?  We couldn't even see a house from where we were perched, and I highly doubt, with the way the breeze was blowing, that hair was just floating around up there waiting to find it's way to our hands.  So - my verdict?  Having been there and experienced it?  Ghosts.

Another weird thing that happened... We were taking pictures with our cameras, when we remembered that if we had the flash on, we'd be more likely to catch orbs.  So while I was shooting with my digital, I thought I had remembered reading somewhere that if they were TRUE orbs, and not just dust specks, you'd be able to capture them on film better.  I can't remember the reason why, but something about film cameras, and how they don't capture dust specks, they capture orbs.  So I went to my camera bag to get out my film camera (yes, I still have one, and I love it, I will never give it up).  It was already on.  And, it was on in a mode that I don't ever use on my film camera (TV).  So at first I was like hmm, did this thing get knocked around in my camera bag?  Then I started trying to remember the last time I had used it.  I had last used it 6 weeks prior for Cara & Val's engagement shoot.  The battery indicator on the screen said I had a full battery life.  I assumed it couldn't have been on that whole time and still have a full battery, and that I must have somehow knocked it around in my bag and it got set to TV mode inadvertently.  So I switched it into flash mode, and as soon as I went to take my first picture - my camera died.  Batteries: dead.  I couldn't even believe it, because like 5 seconds before I pressed the shutter button, Courtnee said exactly this: "Watch you try and take a picture and your camera dies."  Apparently the ghosts didn't like my film camera!  Or, I guess my camera HAD been on for 6 weeks straight and had a full battery life as indicated, until I pressed my shutter button?  I suppose we'll never know, but it freaked me the fuck out (especially after the hair thing).

The longer we stayed up there, the colder it felt.  We were shivering, even though it had been a warm day.  And I had started feeling slightly headachy and nauseous as well.  I didn't feel better physically till after we were on the highway out of town.

So, with all that said... Below you will find some of my favorite shots from Indiana and that spooky graveyard - unaltered, un-photoshopped, pure raw footage.  Orbs or dust?  Maybe dust, but you decide.  I know one thing's for sure - I've got a stockpile of batteries for the next cemetery outing I go on.

A truck left its dust

So, the only arguments I have that these ARE orbs and are NOT dust specks, are: A) if it's dust, how come there's not more of it?  How come I don't see dust specks in EVERY picture I took?  (The pictures above have the most clear orbs, I have many more pictures with orbs, and just as many without, even with my flash on.)  You saw the picture with the truck's dust trail.  See all that dust he kicked up?  How come there wasn't a ton of that flying around up there on that hill?  Indeed, maybe some of the orbs are dust specks - and some aren't.  Who knows?  And, B) at first I was thinking that the orbs were only showing up in my pictures when I was standing with my back to the sun.  So I thought well, maybe they are dust specks, and the pictures I take when I am facing the sun have so much light that the dust specks are sort of drowned out.  But if you look at the second to last picture, there's a big old orb on the left hand side, the side of the picture that would be closest to, and have the most, sunlight entering my camera.  It really makes you think, doesn't it?

Sleep tight kiddos.  <3

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