Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sour Cream + Peas

My daughter loves to dip.

French fries in blue cheese dressing.
Hot dogs in ketchup.
Fingers in cheez whiz (makes mommy so proud).

And now?  Peas in sour cream.

I wish I could say she picked up this habit on her own, but frighteningly, she picked it up from me.  I, too, am a dipper.  I don't exactly dip my fingers in cheez whiz (or peas in sour cream, for that matter), but dipping is my thing.  Now the french fries in blue cheese dressing, yes, she got that from me.  I dip my steaks in sauce.  I dip my chips in, well, dip.  I dip my quesadillas in sour cream.  As you'll see below, my daughter does too.  Only she doesn't eat the quesadilla like any normal person would.  No.  She dips, and licks it all off, and dips again.

My daughter, the double dipper.

Tonight I gave her a small cheese quesadilla and some peas for dinner.  I set the sour cream on the table for me and my husband, and she looked at it and reached for it and then looked at me and said, "Me?"  This is how she asks for something.  She reaches for it and says "Me?"  Or, she'll reach for it, stomp her feet, and say "MINE!"  I think she says "Me?" when she thinks I'll normally say no.  But she's so cute, so I buckle and say yes.  Every time.

So she got a dollop of sour cream on her plate, and she proceeded to pinch between her tiny little fingers, a pea, and dip it into sour cream, and eat the pea.  She did this very carefully, precisely, over and over.

And then she was out of sour cream.


Well alright.  Here's another dollop.

By this point she must have decided that dipping one pea at a time just wasn't getting the job of Project Sour Cream Inhalation done fast enough, so she turned to her fingers.  Scooping up globs of sour cream, shoveling them into her mouth, she managed to plaster her lips in white.

And I beamed with pride.  My baby loves my favorite condiment.  She is a mama's girl after all.

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